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Oct 19 2010

New Website

I’ve been working with Gary Hargrave, Marilyn Hargrave, and Rick Holbrook extensively over the last few months to create a new website about John Robert Stevens. It just went live today!

It was an absolute honor for me to be a part of the project, and I think it turned out really great.

Check it out:

John Robert Stevens


May 23 2010

John Robert Stevens and Copyright

I was just talking to Rick Holbrook, who oversees publishing at The Living Word, and he felt it would be good for me to be clear about the copyright issues surrounding quoting published material.

Basically, there are two things to think about.

The first is in regards to occasional quotes on a website or a blog, etc., that are given for the purpose of discussion. If you want to quote copyrighted material, first quote it exactly. Then, simply give a citation as to the author, work title, date of publication, and publisher. If you are not sure if you are doing it right, you should totally feel free to call or email the publisher—in this case, The Living Word—and they will help you. This is basically what is taught in high school and college regarding bibliographical information. This is important not just because of copyright law, but also to help people find where the quote was taken from!

More extensive quoting requires the same citations—author, work title, date of publication, and publisher—but it also requires permission from the holder of the copyright. Since this blog is all about John Robert Stevens, and I will be quoting extensively, I have worked closely with Rick Holbrook and The Living Word to make sure that I am representing the copyright correctly. This is why I’m able to say “used by permission” on these quotes.

Rick was telling me that he loves it when people share John Robert Stevens quotes they’ve found, but he just wants to be sure that people know how to do it right. Hopefully this helps.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.