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Aug 12 2010

Thoughts on Not Criticizing

When I read John Robert Stevens’ writings, I feel strongly his heart of care and concern. I know I’ve written about this earlier, but so many people I’ve talked to about him often say the same thing: John Robert Stevens was a man who loved God’s people very deeply.

The quote previous to this post is another great example of this, because the other thing I hear from so many people who knew him is that he was a man of great perception. He was able to look at people and the Holy Spirit revealed to him their strengths and their weaknesses.

I was thinking recently how it’s so easy to love someone when you are not that aware of their problems, but it takes a greater depth of love once you see the issues. Well, John saw the issues very clearly, but he had a commitment and love in his heart to help people. He had faith for every man, no matter what they were facing! As he said: “God did not give me the deep insight of the word of wisdom or the word of knowledge or discernment so that I should criticize, but rather that I should help.”

I’m thankful that John Robert Stevens established this kind of relating among believers in his churches, especially since I pastor one of them! I see first-hand the fruit of his heart and his teaching in the people who attend Grace Chapel of Honolulu.

Of course, we all know where this attitude comes from. It comes from the Lord and His Word. It could only come from Him! It is exactly what Christ taught us in the Book of John:

“A ​​new commandment I give to you, ​​that you love one another, ​even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34-35)


Aug 9 2010

When I minister and I see the need, I do not put anyone down. I always try to help. I do not want to ever beat down a man with my words, no matter what is wrong in his life. I want to always give a word of faith to build others up. God did not give me the deep insight of the word of wisdom or the word of knowledge or discernment so that I should criticize, but rather that I should help. Neither should you criticize each other! When you see a need, do not fail to move on it with faith! If you need to repent concerning your lack of love, then get busy with it!

  • John Robert Stevens, "Are You A Turkey," 1980
    John Robert Stevens, "Are You A Turkey," 1980
    Excerpt from the This Week "Are You A Turkey?" by John Robert Stevens, Copyright © 1980 by The Living Word, a California non profit Corporation. Used by permission.


May 30 2010

Memory: John Robert Stevens’ Ministry to Ed Van Dyke

Ed Van Dyke—one of the elders at Grace Chapel of Honolulu—just emailed me this memory of John Robert Stevens:

In the late 60’s/early 70’s, John Stevens came up to Seattle from L.A. and ministered to the local church there (Maranatha Chapel) several times and ministered to all of us. Between my 6th and 7th grade, John ministered to me and said that I had a cloud over my perception and that he would remove it for me.

Prior to this ministry, I was the most average kid in all my school classes. Teachers would know when to move the class forward when I finally got the subject!

After the ministry, I got straight “A’s” (maybe 6 “B’s” total) from the 7th grade through the 12th grade. Everyone in the church there (including me) knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Lord had moved through John and changed a little boy’s life forever.

I have always known that what John did for my life was not an end in itself and that I would be able to minister to people and set them free as I had experienced. I am responsible—and privileged—to impart what I have received.

Ed Van Dyke