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Aug 25 2010

Thoughts on John’s Intensity

I think that the previous quote from John Robert Stevens really captures the intensity for the Lord that John had. I recently discussed the spiritual hunger for God that characterized his life. Now this quality of intensity is another trait that really defines who John was.

He referred in the quote to the story about King Joash, who was overwhelmed by his war against Syria. Elisha told him to strike the ground with his arrows. While Joash did what Elisha told him to do, he only did it three times. Because of this, he only won three victories against Syria, and was eventually overcome.

The point of the story was that while King Joash walked out the Word of God, he did it without a true intensity. Because of that, the fulfillment he saw was very limited.

This is exactly the opposite of the passion that I feel from John in his writings, and the intensity I hear in his sermons. There was a fiery quality that every believer should have—and not just when things seem to be going well.

It’s one thing to believe the Word of God, and it’s quite another to pursue the fulfillment of that Word with an intensity of faith. Many people believe the Word of God, so I’d say that it’s not too impressive of an attribute. I mean, Joash believed the Word of God, otherwise he wouldn’t have been obedient. But that belief, in itself, didn’t get him very far.

So now I want to gather together in my mind all of the things of God that I have believed for and see if my intensity to see them fulfilled has waned, or has even died off completely! If so, it is not difficult to reach back into God and find the ember of my heart sparked once again by and for His Word.


Aug 24 2010

I want God to use me to the utmost. I want Him to do whatever is necessary in my life that will enable me to believe for a fulfillment that has no limitation on it. I do not want to beat the ground three times with the arrows. I want to beat the ground until the points come off, the feathers fly out, and all that is left are splinters in my hand. [II Kings 13:14-21]

  • John Robert Stevens, "Elijah and Elisha," 1975
    John Robert Stevens, "Elijah and Elisha," 1975
    Excerpt from the Book "Elijah and Elisha" by John Robert Stevens, Copyright © 1975 by John Robert Stevens & The Living Word, a California non profit Corporation. Used by permission.