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Aug 30 2010

Thoughts on Being Aware of the Lord

Researching John Robert Steven’s life, I’ve discovered so many things that he was interested in; so for him to say that he discarded his hobbies just shows how much he let go of in order to follow the Lord fully (see the previous quote).

He loved photography and film. He loved music and history. He loved to tell jokes and loved to laugh. He set himself to serve the Lord with all his heart, but no one would say that it was to the detriment of his vivacity and personality. And in all of these things that he loved to do, he never let them distract him from an awareness of God. To me, this is a great balance, but it all must start with God.

John said, “I do not think that anything is greater than coming into an awareness of the Lord.” And this is what I want to apply in my life. God is first, and everything else is second—at best! If an awareness of God is our foremost desire, then everything else in our lives will fall into place.

This is why John Stevens is such a great example to me. He never forsook his first love, and everything he did lined up to his relationship to God. However, it never robbed him of his joy for life! This is how we know we’re doing it right: the joy of the Lord and the joy of life must be present, otherwise I would say that our awareness of God is lacking. If we know God, we will have His love in our hearts. As I John 4:8 says,”The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”


Aug 28 2010

I have never had many hobbies or interests because when I was yet a boy, God met me, and I became aware of Him. The Scriptures became my focus. I loved them, searched through them, thirsting after the Lord, knowing that they would reveal Him. What have I gained? What have I lost? How can I evaluate my life? One thing I know: I live twenty-four hours day with an awareness of the Lord. I never read a Scripture without it living for me. I do not think that anything is greater than coming into an awareness of the Lord.

  • John Robert Stevens, "Tune In," 1975
    John Robert Stevens, "Tune In," 1975
    Excerpt from the This Week "Tune In" by John Robert Stevens, Copyright © 1975 by John Robert Stevens & The Living Word, a California non profit Corporation. Used by permission.