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Jun 22 2010

Thoughts on John’s Youth

I was thinking about the quote that I just posted, and how foundational those early years must have been for John Robert Stevens. Having that experience of the Lord healing him at such a young age, as well as having experiences with the Holy Spirit day-by-day, truly became a definition of how he lived his entire life. From that time, he never stopped seeking God. It’s difficult for me to imagine having services every night throughout the winter, especially considered how cold it gets in Iowa! But that could hardly have been an obstacle for someone who had as much spiritual hunger as John had.

I imagine the time of the “holy rollers” and the “storefront religion” to be like the Wild West equivalent in the process of God restoring His Church. In the Early Church, miraculous experiences with God were normal, and to see that John Robert Stevens had his formative years in an atmosphere where God’s presence was a reality truly reveals the roots of a man who sparked meetings with God for thousands of people. I think this is something that drove John Stevens: to see everyone know the Lord that He knew, not as a theory, but in the same tangible reality that he experienced since the time of his youth.