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Jul 6 2010

We must be submissive to one another. The brothers whom I have commissioned sense my submission to them; they are aware of it. When I have a part in commissioning other men into the will of God, and they receive that commission by the revelation and authority that God has given me, then my submission to them begins at that moment. My whole life is given to the apostolic commission and to those who have been commissioned under my hand. A ministry of authority labors to be submissive to those who have commissioned him and are over him in the Lord, those who watch over his welfare and over his ministry. Likewise, he finds himself becoming submissive to everyone to whom he has given a Word from God. It becomes a matter of being subject one to another in the fear of Christ (Ephesians 5:21).

  • John Robert Stevens, "How We Relate To Commission," 1980
    John Robert Stevens, "How We Relate To Commission," 1980
    Excerpt from the This Week "How We Relate To Commission" by John Robert Stevens, Copyright © 1980 by The Living Word, a California non profit Corporation. Used by permission.