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May 20 2011

Finding a Father

In the last quote I posted (below), John Robert Stevens was discussing the need for a Father. I believe I’ve already written about how much of a spiritual father John Stevens was to so many people, so I don’t really feel the need to discuss that.

What hit me about this quote was how Scriptural it is. Jesus Christ was the example to us of a Son who learned Who He was by relating to His Father. He said that He only did what He saw His Father doing (John 5:19-21). However, this principle is also true on a very natural level. Numerous studies have shown that children growing up with a father in the home are better off emotionally, psychologically, and economically than those growing up without a father.

The reason why having a father is so important, as John states, is that it helps a person discover who they are. It is difficult to figure out who you are on your own. I believe that good fathers have an ability to help a child learn who they are and to help them reach that potential. Obviously the Heavenly Father does this in an immeasurably greater way.

As John Robert Stevens states in that quote, it is hard for people to take their place without the encouragement and protection of a father. The great thing about a good father is that they are there to help when you get into trouble. When you feel the covering of a spiritual father’s love, there is no fear in stepping out to attempt things.

So if you are struggling with yourself, maybe you need to find a father. Or, perhaps you need to re-engage your spiritual father in a deeper conversation than you are comfortable with. Either way, John Stevens illuminates an answer here for each person. John Robert Stevens rocks.


May 19 2011

We have all of these people who, really, are searching for a father. And they cannot accept themselves, they cannot accept their place, they cannot even accept their potential, they have difficulty discovering who they are, until somehow they find a father. When they find that father, it gives them more confidence to go ahead than anything in the whole world.

We are learning something we have never seen before: a father may have started our existence, but we search for the father who will establish us in the Kingdom. We are established in the Kingdom of God by the means of beginning to find a father.


May 5 2011

I Will Follow You Today

That last quote I posted is perhaps the simplest definition of the kind of relationship with God that John Robert Stevens lived and taught. The chief focus is on what God has said in leading us; but it must be today that we hear His voice—everyday.

It is not enough that we heard God speak yesterday. The Father always has new steps for His children. New things for them to learn, new things for them to do. So we take a cue from John Robert Stevens and ask the Lord anew, each day, to speak to us.

And when we hear His voice, we follow.


May 4 2011

Our focus is: What has God said, and what will He say to me today?


  • John Robert Stevens, "I Will Follow You Today," 1981
    John Robert Stevens, "I Will Follow You Today," 1981
    Excerpt from the This Week "I Will Follow You Today" by John Robert Stevens, Copyright © 1981 by The Living Word, a California non profit Corporation. Used by permission.