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A Worship Which Misses the Point

March 21st, 2011

In my last post, I discussed the deeper side of John Robert Stevens’ teaching on worship. This week I wanted to share a humorous quote about the same topic.

A service has missed its point when you wish you could crawl off in a corner someplace by yourself because you are being distracted from the Lord. Have you ever been in a worship service where you felt you would like to get away from it so that you could meet with God?*

The context of this quote is the idea that we can’t make a habit out of our worship. The moment we start singing a song by rote is the moment we’ve lost our focus on the Father. That’s a very simple and important principle that we should all be very aware of about our attitude toward worship, and I love John’s sense of humor about it.

If you feel like you’ve got to leave a church service in order to meet God, something is not quite right! However, correcting this issue is every person’s responsibility in a service, because together we all create the atmosphere to worship our Father.

  • *John Robert Stevens, "Are You Aware of Him?" 1982
    *John Robert Stevens, "Are You Aware of Him?" 1982
    Excerpt from the This Week "Are You Aware of Him?" by John Robert Stevens, Copyright © 1982 by The Living Word, a California non profit Corporation. Used by permission.


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