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Partake of the Life of God

January 11th, 2011

One of the things that I love about John Robert Stevens is that he was not religious. I use the term religious to describe the way that many humans relate to God primarily out of rules and regulations. As I quoted earlier:

I was raised in a religious background, and I remember how we were taught that we were supposed to read our Bible for 15 minutes a day, pray for 15 minutes a day and witness to somebody for 15 minutes a day—if we did all that then we would never lose out with God. I was about fourteen or fifteen when I realized: “It doesn’t make any difference how much I read; it’s how much I digest that counts.” That has been the secret of my life. After that revelation to my heart, it didn’t matter to me whether I read half a verse or whether I read a whole book. I read until one thing happened: I began to partake of the life of God.*

I believe that this attitude is the antidote for the common “Christian guilt” that often occurs. We shouldn’t focus on checking boxes on our spiritual to-do list, but instead seek God until we find Him. Of course, this is sometimes a tricky proposition, because you never know how much seeking you will have to do! It’s easier to read the Bible for 15 minutes a day, rather than reading it until you hear the voice of the Lord.

And all of life is like this, really! It’s always easier to make a relationship with God into a list of rules—and I have to admit that the Bible might even seem to encourage this. However, to borrow a phrasing from Christ for my own purposes (which is usually a very unwise thing to do, so please forgive me), “The promises of God were made for man, not man for the promises of God.” (Mark 2:27) This is the difference between religion and relationship. And it’s a big difference.

Bottom line: John Robert Stevens rejected the religious approach to God and was a firm advocate for a daily relationship with Him. I’m nearly positive that I wouldn’t be a believer if it weren’t for this attitude that was imparted to be by John through my father.

  • *John Robert Stevens, "Eat it and Digest it," 1982
    *John Robert Stevens, "Eat it and Digest it," 1982
    Excerpt from the booklet "The Unfolding, Part 1" by John Robert Stevens, Copyright © 1982 by The Living Word, a California non profit Corporation. Used by permission.


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