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Newspaper Article on Church of the Living Word

July 28th, 2010

A reader from the Northwest recently sent me this article from the Friday, February 2, 1963 edition of the Van Nuys News. The article is about the new church that John Robert Stevens was founding in Northridge. It would eventually be known as Church of the Living Word, in North Hills. Here’s the article:

NORTHRIDGE—The Living Word, a fellowship of Christians under the pastorate of Dr. John Robert Stevens, met for the first worship service in the Northridge Women’s Club, where the services will be held each Sunday at 8:30am.

Due to lack of separate rooms a unique Sunday School program is being instituted which will encourage and require family participation, an official said….

The response to these meetings has grown so that the quarters are fast becoming inadequate.

Dr. Stevens is also a pastor of Grace Chapel in South Gate, and may be heard on “The Living Word” broadcasts over radio station KHOFF-FM 99.5, Monday through Friday at 7a.m.

Public is invited to attend the Sunday morning worship service at the Northridge Women’s Club, 18041 Lassen St., the Tuesday prayer service and the Wednesday Bible study at 7:30 p.m. at 15453 Lull St. Van Nuys.

There are a few things about this article that are so interesting to me. First is the title “Doctor” given to Stevens. I had heard that he had a Ph.D., but it really proves what I’ve heard from many people: he decided to be more informal in the later years of his ministry.

Second, I love it that this article discussed how the church was growing so fast, certainly by God’s anointing. I attended Church of the Living Word for ten years when I lived in the Los Angeles area, so it’s fascinating for me to read about the beginning formation of it. It was only the year after this article was published that the property for the current church building was purchased in 1964!

And third, I’d really like to know what kind of children’s program John was experimenting with! I can’t even begin to imagine what that means. If anyone knows anything about that, please email me.


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